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911 Connects

Issue #10

Published Apr 2021

A Heartfelt Thank-You: Celebrating Telecommunicators Week

Every year for the past 40 years, the public safety community pauses in April to recognize…well, you. The legions of dedicated telecommunicators who serve the public, one person at a time, guiding each through some of their very worst moments with skill and compassion.

NG911 for Telecommunicators: A New Resource

The non-technical publication is aimed specifically at our ‘first first responders’ to explain what to expect as emergency communications evolve across the U.S.

Case Study: Iowa’s 911 State Assessment

Every state’s 911 program is different. Which means at least a few things: It’s hard to compare one program to another and, without industry benchmarks, it may not be clear whether a given state’s approach is as effective as it could be. It can also be a challenge to convince supervisors and policy makers of the need for resources to make improvements to a 911 program.

Tennessee Puts CPR LifeLinks to Work

In a matter of months, the state had trained thousands of telecommunicators to tell callers how to administer CPR to help those experiencing cardiac arrest.

DoD Celebrates National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

The Department of Defense (DoD) is celebrating National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week along with state and municipal emergency response partners.