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911 Connects

Issue #13

Published Feb 2023

Looking to 2023: A Message from the National 911 Program Coordinator

Advancing 911 in 2023 won’t just mean improving technology, says Brian Tegtmeyer, but also ensuring the advancement of the professionals who answer calls every day.

Prioritizing Progress in CAD Integration, GIS Implementation and 911 Data Uniformity for the Future of 911

Developing a common data language for 911 systems. Deepening our understanding of the Nation’s GIS and CAD systems. These are just some of the goals being realized with the help of three projects.

Facing Staffing Challenges, Industry Stakeholders Share Tips to Attract and Retain Telecommunicators

Staffing continues to remain a challenge at most 911 centers, prompting industry experts to identify 15 ways to help keep existing PSAP/ECC employees and attract new ones.

Interoperability Task Force Drives Progress Toward a “System of 911 Systems”

As the migration to Next Generation 911 continues, interoperability within and between systems remains critical. To ensure success, an interoperability task force has been created.

Register Today to Prepare for Tomorrow: State of 911 Webinar Dates 2023

It’s a new year, and that means a new series of engaging State of 911 webinars. This series brings the experts to you, keeping you current on some of today’s most pressing topics.