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911 Essentials: What’s New on Docs & Tools

Published Apr 2023

NHTSA's National 911 Program collects and makes available a variety of resources shared by the 911 community and vetted by a panel of experts on’s Documents & Tools portal.

Documents & Tools features a variety of content that’s continually updated, including policy documents, plans and reports across several topics, such as Governance, Management, Technical, Operations and Standards, and Best Practices. This repository—created by the 911 community, for the 911 community—welcomes organizations, industry experts and other key stakeholders to share relevant content that would be of use and interest to 911 colleagues through an easy-to-use online submission form. Submissions covering any number of 911 topics are welcome, especially those focused on the most recent hot topics in the industry such as staffing (HR), cybersecurity, education and training and NG911.

What’s New

Take a look at the most recently added content:

  • NENA Wellness Continuum

    The NENA Continuum initiative is a comprehensive approach to wellness in the 911 industry. This website is a wellness resource for the 911 community.

    Category: Standards and Best Practices

  • SAFECOM/NCSWIC Cyber Incident Response to PSAPs: A State's Perspective

    This case study highlights one state’s response to cyber incidents involving PSAPs, including the legislation surrounding their authority, collaboration required for a successful response and best practices for entities preparing for cyber attacks.

    Category: Standards and Best Practices