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911 Connects

Issue #5

Published Mar 2018

New Projects Recently Awarded to Advance Emergency Communications

The National 911 Program began work on five new projects at the end of 2017 to address topics such as dispatcher assisted CPR and a national NG911 roadmap.

IPAWS Warning Program Aims to Save Lives Through Digital Communication

PSAPs can originate life-saving public notifications such as severe weather and Amber Alerts.

911 Grant Program Regulations Nearing Release, Applications Accepted Soon

Following a public comment period at the end of 2017, the 911 Grant Program's final regulations will be available in early 2018. Stay informed of application availability and the latest program updates.

NHTSA Celebrates 50 Years of 911

As the industry celebrates 50 years of 911 service, NHTSA's Deputy Administrator, Heidi King remarks on the importance of 911 and recounts a call she experienced during her time as a telecommunicator.