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Making NG911 A Reality for the Public Safety Community

Published Apr 2019

Be the catalyst for implementing NG911 in your community with a plethora of new resources

The 911 community is well aware that NG911 will bring emergency communications into the digital age, and efforts are underway to ensure the understanding and support of other stakeholders, such as public safety and government technology leaders. With the ability to share voice and data-rich information like video footage, images and texts, NG911 will improve first responders’ ability to save lives, improve responder safety and enable protection of property.

The National 911 Program worked with public safety leaders to create concise and engaging publications explaining what NG911 is and the specific benefits it brings. These new, non-technical resources are a powerful tool in helping those who know little about NG911 understand the potential benefits for emergency responders and their communities.

NG911 for EMS Guide

NG911 for EMS Guide

The National 911 Program worked with leaders in EMS to create a non-technical resource to help EMS professionals learn more about the potential of Next Generation 911.

NG911 for Fire Guide

NG911 for Fire Guide

The National 911 Program worked with fire chiefs to create the NG911 Guide for Fire Service Leaders as a resource for state and local professionals.

NG911 & FirstNet Guide

NG911 & FirstNet Guide

The National 911 Program and the National Association of State 911 Administrators (NASNA) worked with public safety leaders in Fire, EMS, and Law Enforcement to create a non-technical resource for state and local leaders.

In addition to the downloadable publications, there are also a number of other resources, including:

  • Downloadable articles and case studies that highlight how agencies around the country have made the transition to NG911

  • A PowerPoint deck for NG911 champions to use when educating others about NG911 capabilities and benefits

  • Easy-to-share infographics that depict real scenarios of NG911 in use and the benefits to both the emergency communications community and the public

  • A short, animated video about the benefits of NG911

“NG911 is an essential component for the future of emergency communications, the public safety community, and the public at large” says Laurie Flaherty, Coordinator for the National 911 Program. “Helping educate others and providing resources for 911 leaders is a focal area for the National 911 Program, and we hope these resources serve as useful tools as the community works together to make NG911 a reality across the nation.”