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NG911 Roadmap: Making NG911 Happen at Nationwide Task

Published Mar 2020

NG911 Roadmap: Pathways Toward Nationwide Interconnection of 911 Services, identifies what needs to be accomplished at the national level – by all members of the 911 community – to make the full migration to NG911.

“NG911 is a big task, so we published the NG911 Roadmap to help tie a lot of efforts together,” said Laurie Flaherty, Coordinator of the National 911 Program. “If the goal is to achieve a nationwide, seamless system-of-systems, there are a lot of things – both technical and nontechnical – that need to happen at the national (small n) level,” continues Ms. Flaherty. “The 911 community composed the Roadmap as that list of national tasks and the National 911 Program has agreed to be the list “keeper.””

About the Roadmap

“A lot of progress toward nationwide NG911 has already been made,” Ms. Flaherty goes on. “Part of moving 911 forward will involve all members of the 911 community taking ownership for one or more of these tasks. We’ll be posting the Roadmap – and that progress - on”

Initiated by the National 911 Program, the NG911 Roadmap brought together a project team of 911 experts to develop a blueprint to ensure nationwide integration of NG911 systems across the country.

The goals identified in this Roadmap are expected to be achieved through efforts undertaken by the spectrum of stakeholders that comprise the 911 community. Specifically, the Roadmap identifies potential tasks in support of the following areas: Business/Governance, Technology, Data, Operations, and Cross-Cutting.

Reaching Our Goals

Among the benefits of nationwide NG911 are the ability to respond to 911 requests faster, with greater accuracy, greater situational awareness, greater resilience, and with more consistent quality. It would enable first responders, emergency management, and other public safety entities to provide optimal service not only to their own communities, but also to neighboring communities in need of additional resources or assistance. Furthermore, interconnectivity and interoperability among 911 systems positions the nation to obtain better awareness of ongoing community needs, identify trends, and evaluate how effectively U.S. residents and visitors are served.

Because the Roadmap is relevant to everyone in the 911 community, individuals, agencies organizations and the 911 community at large are encouraged to become familiar with it, and consider taking on one of its tasks. Click here for more information, and to download the Roadmap. Please contact the program at if you have any questions, updates, or information on progress made in any of the goal areas described.