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Webinar Series Provides Practical, Informative Sessions for 911 Community

Published Feb 2021

Industry Leaders Discuss NG911 Progress to 911 Data Collection Improvement

The “State of 911” webinar series, hosted by the National 911 Program, provides vital and actionable information to help systems deliver optimal 911 services nationwide. A useful resource for all levels of personnel within a 911 system, the series reports on federal and state participation in the planning, design and implementation of NG911, coupled with real experiences from leaders overseeing these transitions throughout the county.

Six thought-provoking webinars were held in 2020, exploring important topics shaping the 911 industry. Most recently, engaging presentations included 911 community members coming together to discuss important topics and progress on the following initiatives:

NG911 Community Roadmap – Watch Now

Representatives of a variety of 911 entities – including national stakeholder organizations and state and local agencies – continue to drive progress toward NG911 and eventually, nationwide interoperability for NG911 systems. In this session, speakers addressed the national collaboration tool, the NG911 Roadmap Progress Report, which was developed to track and communicate community progress toward this long-term goal. Watch the archived edition not to learn more about the overarching goal, how to use the progress tracking tool, and how to champion important activities to ensure objectives are achieved.

NG911 Interstate Playbook – Watch Now

Developed to capture lessons learned in state and agency collaboration, NG911 Interstate Playbook Chapters 3 and 4 build on Chapters 1 and 2, featuring real advice from agencies trailblazing state interoperability in an NG911 environment. Leaders from Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments explained their multi-jurisdictional approach to integrating 911 systems in a deliberative, coordinated and effective way—from recruiting the right stakeholders to obtaining grant funding. Additionally, representatives from Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota 911 systems provided lessons learned from their transition to state-to-state NG911 connectivity.

911 DataPath - Watch Now

It’s clear that data is the path any industry must use to generate additional funding, plan for progress and track improvements. The disparate nature of the nation’s 911 system has created challenges in collecting and comparing effective data. The 911 DataPath Initiative seeks to streamline the way the 911 community addresses data through the development of a standardized system help reference, collect, use and share data in a meaningful way. This session addresses the five strategic goals of nationwide data collections and clarifies the vision for how such a system can improve 911 and emergency response.

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