NG911 Roadmap: Connecting Systems Nationwide

Many states are implementing Next Generation 911 (NG911) and looking to interconnect their systems with other states. To establish this nationwide 911 “system of systems,” several technical and non-technical tasks must be completed

In 2018, the National 911 Program convened a project team of 911 experts to solicit tasks and ideas from the community for a National NG911 Roadmap that could be used as a blueprint to ensure end-to-end interoperability of NG911 systems across the country.

What's Happening Now

NG911 Roadmap: Pathways Toward Nationwide Interconnection of 911 Services, released in June 2019, identifies what needs to be accomplished at the national level – by all members of the 911 community – to achieve a nationwide NG911 system of systems.

The Roadmap does not assign responsibility of the identified tasks because the 911 community is best suited to identify which individuals, agencies or entities might be in the best position to complete the task. The term “national” does not imply federal responsibility, rather, individuals, agencies and organizations across the country are encouraged to address, inform and take action as specific issues are identified and publicized.

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