911 DataPath

A nationally uniform 911 data system can provide 911 and community leaders with essential information to assist with strategic planning, governance decisions, and operational improvements at all levels of the nation’s 911 systems. While 911 data is regularly collected, challenges exist in comparing non-standardized data across states.

What does a nationally uniform 911 data system look like? The 911 DataPath Strategic Plan describes the characteristics of an ideal future environment where data can be exchanged on a scheduled, ad hoc, or near real-time basis, and has five strategic goals:

  • 1. Data Uniformity
  • 2. Automated Data Handling
  • 3. Role-Based Information Sharing
  • 4. Sustainable Vital Support Mechanisms
  • 5. Data Savvy 911 Professionals

What's Happening Now

Feedback from the 911 community on the Data Dictionary and Implementation Framework initial drafts has been received, and all public comments are now being considered and incorporated into the 911 DataPath plan. The final version of the recommendations will be provided to NHTSA in fall 2020 and will be available to the public later in the year.

What You Can Do