Strategic Planning for Collection and Use of Nationwide 911 Data

A nationally uniform 911 data system can improve the industry by providing essential information to assist strategic planning, governance decisions and operational improvements at all levels of governments, private sector companies and other stakeholders. While various efforts have taken place to regularly collect 911 data at the state and sub-state level, challenges exist in comparing non-standardized data across states.

In 2016, the FCC’s’ Task Force on Optimal PSAP Architecture (TFOPA) recommended the creation of a nationally uniform 911 data system. The National 911 Program issued a Request for Information to solicit community input on the creation of such a system, and in 2018, formed a project team of 911 experts to lead the effort.

What's Happening Now

In early 2019, the project team released a draft Strategic Plan for public comment, recommendations and edits. The team also asked the community what should be done with the Strategic Plan to help motivate action, and what elements should the 911 community tackle first. To learn more about the effort that went into the development of the draft Strategic Plan, read this article in IWCE’s Urgent Communications.

The Strategic Plan proposes:

  • A vision for the future state of 911 data and information sharing, and the value it may bring to the industry
  • Goals and objectives that serve the proposed vision
  • Questions and considerations for the 911 community to explore as it strategizes about how to move forward.

The Strategic Plan is not intended to:

  • Replace any current efforts to standardize or collect data (but it does strive to help identify synergies that can be leveraged)
  • Conflict with broader data strategies that are being implemented at the national level (but it does strive to complement and support those strategies)
  • Define the specifics of how a technical architecture of a nationally uniform 911 data information system would be implemented (but it does mean to explore how this might be done)

For any questions about the nationally uniform 911 data system effort, please contact