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NG911 Guide for Telecommunicators

The National 911 Program worked with telecommunicators and others in emergency communications to create this non-technical resource to help telecommunicators learn more about the potential of Next Generation 911 (NG911). NG911 Guide for Telecommunicators explains how the NG911 network and related technologies will improve public safety, enable the delivery of a wide array of Information and enhance telecommunicators' effectiveness. It includes examples of how NG911 might change 911 professionals' working environment, plus advice about taking care of call-takers' mental and physical well-being and learning more about NG911.

Click on the box below to page through the guide or download it as a PDF.

NG911 & FirstNet: A Guide for State & Local Authorities

Infographic: NG911 for Telecommunicators

NG911 Guide for Telecommunicators Infographic

NG911 Guide for Telecommunicators Infographic

Last Updated: 04/04/2023