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Advancing 911 Through National Initiative, Training & Grants

Published May 8, 2018

Numerous federal efforts are underway to advance 911 throughout the country, from developing new resources and professional development to grants. In this webinar, learn the latest updates on current federal projects that advance 911 emergency communications, and the statuses of the Next Generation 911 Cost Estimate and 911 Grant Program.

In addition, learn how a training program in Tennessee became the catalyst for increased professionalism, customer service and commitment. More than 10,000 contact hours of training significantly impacted the major roles in the 911 Center, possible through funding by the Tennessee Emergency Communications Board (TECB).

Speakers Include:

  • Laurie Flaherty, Coordinator, National 911 Program

  • Jamison Peevyhouse, ENP, Training Coordinator, Tennessee Emergency Communications Board