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Digital NG911 Readiness Checklist, Coordinating 911 and DoD Activities in Washington State

Published Sep 18, 2018

Learn more about how the NG911 Readiness Checklist – a resource developed by the FCC’s TFOPA – may soon be easier to use when a new digital version is released by the Join SAFECOM/NCSWIC NG911 Working Group. Learn about the intent of the self-assessment tool and how the development of an online version is progressing for state and local agency use.

Interaction between DoD and state and local partners differs drastically state-by-state and across the country. The Washington State Enhanced 911 Office shares how it strives to develop a consistent statewide coordination solution that meets the needs of the state, local partners and the three major DoD hubs within the state.

Speakers Include:

  • David Furth, Deputy Chief, Federal Communications Commission Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau

  • Mark Bucholz, Director, Williamette Valley 911 Communications Division and Chair of the Join SAFECOM/NCSWIC NG911 Working Group

  • Gerald Jaskulski, DHS Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) and Federal leader for the Join SAFECOM/NCSWIC NG911 Working Group

  • Adam Wasserman, Washington State Enhanced 911 Coordinator