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Lessons Learned: 911 Governance System Collaboration

Published Jul 10, 2018

For the past year, 911 administrators, statewide interoperability coordinators, governors’ offices, legislators and others have met state-by-state to collaborate in developing action-oriented plans to enhance state governance structures in emergency communication. Hear lessons learned and the benefits of participating in these workshops.

Sponsored by the National Governors Association and the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Emergency Communications, the workshops have convened in 26 states to date. Speakers from DHS discuss the impact of the workshops and address what’s next in helping states collaborate internally to ensure optimal governance customized for the needs of each state. A representative from a participating state discusses work plans drafted at the workshop and lessons learned throughout the process of collaboration.

Speakers Include:

  • Michael Garcia, Policy Analyst, National Governors Association

  • Mark Grubb, IT Specialist, US Department of Homeland Security