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The Power of Text

Published Feb 13, 2018

More than 6 billion texts are sent in the U.S. every day. As one of the most common means of communication, texting has evolved as cell phones have transformed from their first introduction in the 1980's to the smart phones we use today. In this webinar from the National 911 Program, two experts share how they've used the convenience, flexibility and power of text to improve emergency communications and save lives.

The Crisis Text Line helps Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) collaborate to aid people in their time of need. Garrett Shotwell from the Crisis Text Line provides an overview of this free, 24/7 service that supports suicidal victims and people in crisis via text.

When Minnesota embarked on the initiative to provide text-to-911 services across the state, they didn't just start from scratch; instead, they focused on applying what they already knew well - existing radio regions - to this new service. Dana Wahlberg from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety offers an overview of the state's regional approach, and shares pointers on how to create a successful communications plan.

Speakers Include:

  • Garrett Shotwell, MSW, LSWAIC, Head of Supervision and Active Rescue Lead at Crisis Text Line

  • Dana Wahlberg, Director for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety/Emergency Communications Networks Division