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NG911 Roadmap Community Progress and Virtual Learning Tips

Published Nov 10, 2020

New Resource for NG911 Progress Collaboration

The NG911 Roadmap, released in 2019, outlines technical and non-technical tasks at a national level that must be completed to achieve a fully integrated NG911 system of systems. A new easy-to-use tool, the NG911 Roadmap Progress Report, helps identify and track activities by organizations, associations and other groups in achieving those tasks. This session shares how to use the tool, how to get involved and find out what it means for your organization. The success of NG911 is dependent on the 911 community’s dedication and collaboration. Learn about the work underway and how you can champion your organization’s involvement in this nationwide effort.

Adapting to Remote Learning & Training

Distance learning does not have to be “distanced” learning. Discover tips and tricks that can make remote learning and teaching just as effective as in-person courses. Maine’s Emergency Services Communication Bureau (ESCB) shares their learned lessons and demonstrate how they were able to modify existing New Hire and Quality Assurance courses to a remote-based platform.

Speakers Include:

  • Mary Boyd, Vice President, Regulatory, Policy, Intrado Corp, (Roadmap Stakeholder Contributor group) & Jackie Mines, Senior Public Safety Consultant, Mission Critical Partners, (Project Manager for Roadmap Progress Report)

  • Maria P. Jacques, ENP, Director, Maine Emergency Services Communication Bureau & Cory Golob, Training Manager, Maine Emergency Services Communication Bureau