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Special Session: A Focus on Telecommunicator Mental Health and Wellness

Published Aug 29, 2023

Evidence Based Intervention 

Despite being a psychologically and physically taxing occupation, research shows that many 9-1-1 telecommunicators are resilient and manage the stress of the job. Further, 9-1-1 centers are beginning to incorporate agency-level interventions that are effectively tackling stress in the workplace. This webinar will focus on sharing data regarding the presence of stress and mental health conditions in the 9-1-1 industry, followed by discussion of individual-level and agency-level interventions, shown to bolster resilience and reduce suffering for our most valued commodity in 9-1-1, it's people.

Quiet Rooms and Therapy Dogs in PSAPs

Learn about the benefits of designated areas to decompress, or “Quiet Rooms”, utilizing light therapy and other means of reducing stress and mitigating impacts to telecommunicator over-all health. This webinar will also focus on the benefits of Therapy Dogs as another resource in PSAPs.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Michelle Lilly, Lilly Consulting 

  • Kate Elkins, EMS/911 Specialist, NHTSA Office of EMS & National 911 Program

  • Marty Bennett, Director Cook County 911

  • Megan Kinsella, Director of Operations Cook County 911, K9 Joey's handler 

  • Ray Lee, Vice President at FGM Architects

  • Raegan Porter, Vice President at FGM Architects