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Issue 3

Local NG911 And National Address Database Initiatives Show Promise

Local NG911 MapIn the August “State of 911” webinar, leaders from Fairfax County shared the latest on a NG911 project to refine PSAP boundaries, and the DOT provided an update on their work to develop a National Address Database.

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New Coalition Aims for NG911 in all 911 Systems by 2020

The NG911 NOW Coalition is on a mission to make NG911 a reality for every citizen by the end of year 2020.

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Playbook Helps States Interconnect NG911

TowersA new interstate playbook is an important resource for states wanting to implement an interconnected NG911 network.

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Coordinating and Participating in Federal 911 Activities

The National 911 Program collaborates with various other councils, advisory groups and departments working to further 911 systems.

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