Current Projects

The National 911 Program is actively engaged in numerous efforts to coordinate information and develop useful tools to help 911 leaders and jurisdictions improve emergency communications services across the nation. Below are highlights of some of the Program’s most recent projects.


COVID-19 Resources

911 and EMS systems play a vital role in the response to public health emergencies such as COVID-19. The National 911 Program is dedicated to collecting and sharing the latest resources about the pandemic for the 911 community.

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911 cell tower in clear blue sky

Public Safety Telecommunicator Job Reclassification

The 911 community is working to transition the telecommunicator job description to Protective Service Occupation, expanding the outdated role from “answering calls” to include the more life-saving and complex elements of the role. Click here for more information and resources to support this effort.

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maturity tool

Next Generation 911 Self-Assessment Tool

This easy-to-use NG911 readiness checklist is a great resource to help evaluate a system’s NG911 maturity state and understand the next steps necessary to continue transitioning toward NG911. A video, fact sheet and additional tips are available to help users complete the checklist.

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public safety leaders

Next Generation 911 for Public Safety Leaders

As emergency communications migrates to Next Generation 911, its advanced capabilities will help EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement save lives, protect property and ensure first responder safety. Take a look at numerous resources available to help public safety learn about and support the transition to NG911.

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Three-ring binder labeled Grants with a calculator nearby

911 Grant Program

Through the Next Generation 9-1-1 Advancement Act of 2012, over $100 million in 911 grants funds are available for states and jurisdictions to improve emergency communications.

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NG911 Roadmap

NG911 Roadmap: Connecting Systems Nationwide

This project will solicit ideas from the 911 community on what technical and nontechnical tasks should be included in a NG911 roadmap of national tasks, which will help states implementing NG911 to interconnect with each other.

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US Data

Strategic Planning for Collection and Use of Nationwide 911 Data

While many 911 systems nationwide collect and analyze 911 call and operations data, a nationally uniform framework for collecting and sharing standardized data does not exist. Throughout 2018, a team of 911 experts will assemble to create a strategic plan for a nationally uniform 911 data system that will enable the collection, analysis and sharing of standardized data about the 911 system.

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CPR LifeLinks

CPR LifeLinks

CPR LifeLinks is a national initiative to save more lives through the implementation of telecommunicator CPR and high-performance CPR programs. With help from the community, a how-to guide will be developed for 911 and EMS agencies to implement programs to improve cardiac arrest survival rates.

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