Current Projects

The National 911 Program is actively engaged in numerous efforts to coordinate information and develop useful tools to help 911 leaders and jurisdictions improve emergency communications services across the nation. Below are highlights of some of the Program’s most recent projects.

State 911 Assessment Program

The National 911 Program is seeking a number of qualified technical, operational and policy experts in 911 to volunteer insight and expertise for a peer-led review of state 911 systems nationwide.

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Map of United States with hand drawn playbook of Xs and Os

Next Generation 911 Interstate Playbook

This playbook, developed by four states that collaborated on implementing NG911, models best practices and lessons learned for PSAPs considering interstate connectivity.

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Three-ring binder labeled Grants with a calculator nearby

911 Grant Program

Through the Next Generation 9-1-1 Advancement Act of 2012, over $100 million in 911 grants funds are available for states and jurisdictions to improve emergency communications.

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NG911 Roadmap

NG911 Roadmap: Connecting Systems Nationwide

This project will solicit ideas from the 911 community on what technical and nontechnical tasks should be included in a NG911 roadmap of national tasks, which will help states implementing NG911 to interconnect with each other.

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911 cell tower in clear blue sky

Revision of Model State 911 Plan and Model State 911 Legislative Language

The technical and governance aspects of 911 continue to evolve as 911 systems nationwide prepare for and implement Next Generation 911. A team of 911 stakeholders will work together to update the existing Model State 911 Plan and Model State 911 Legislative Language documents to address current challenges and opportunities.

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US Data

Strategic Planning for Collection and Use of Nationwide 911 Data

While many 911 systems nationwide collect and analyze 911 call and operations data, a nationally uniform framework for collecting and sharing standardized data does not exist. Throughout 2018, a team of 911 experts will assemble to create a strategic plan for a nationally uniform 911 data system that will enable the collection, analysis and sharing of standardized data about the 911 system.

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Telecommunicator-Assisted CPR

In an effort to save more lives after cardiac arrest and address recent recommendations from the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine, the National 911 Program will convene 911 and EMS stakeholders to compile and share best practices and training materials to help implement data-driven telephone CPR protocols.

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