Funding 911's Future

Funding 911 services continues to be a challenge for 911 boards, authorities and PSAPS nationwide. And as the public's use of technology evolves and 911 systems prepare for the inevitable transition to Next Generation 911, it is clear that traditional 911 funding methods will not be stable or consistent in meeting the needs of 911 users, first responders and 911 systems across the country.

While no single resource can address the serious and varied 911 funding needs of communities nationwide, the National 911 Program is committed to participating in the national conversation.

In Spring 2014, the National 911 Program shared a special report, "Blue Ribbon Panel on 911 Funding: A Report to the National 911 Program." This report was a developed in response to a recommendation by the Federal Communication Commission's advisory group, the Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC).

The report was not intended to serve as a how-to guide or model to immediately fix 911 funding concerns, but rather to stimulate thinking about how to augment current funding mechanisms via new or supplementary funding methods. A number of ideas were generated by members of the Blue Ribbon Panel, whose experience in addressing challenging funding issues in in both 911 and other industries may help spur new approaches within the 911 community.

Download the Blue Ribbon Panel Report.

Learn more about Model Legislative Guidelines, which may be helpful in updating funding and governance models that exist in current legislation.