Legislation & Policy

As new technologies, such as Next Generation 911, are developed, planning and implementation may require changes to existing laws to allow 911 authorities to coordinate technologies and operations. Additionally, the shared investment in and governance of these new communication technologies with multiple government entities may establish a need for additional documentation and legislation.

State administrators of 911 services, such as the members of the National Association of State 911 Administrators (NASNA), collaborate regularly with State legislatures to improve public safety and enhanced communication with emergency services.

The National 911 Program supports these efforts and encourages regular sharing of information across states and governing bodies to ensure the needs of the public are met in this changing environment. Such collaboration led to the creation of Guidelines for State NG911 Legislative Language: Examples and Options for Legislative Language to Facilitate the Deployment of Next Generation 911.

The Program has also partnered with the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) to create a 911 database for tracking all modifications to new and existing laws across the U.S. and its territories.

More Information

National 911 Program Guidelines for Sate NG911 Legislative Language

National 911 Program and NCSL National 911 Legislation Tracking Database