Public Education

Since the introduction of 911 services nearly 50 years ago, public education campaigns have been successful in teaching children and adults to call 911 in an emergency.

The introduction of new technologies, such as text-to-911, underscores the continuing and growing need for targeted and well-coordinated public education efforts. Because 911 system capabilities vary across the nation, the National 911 Program supports efforts by public and private organizations to educate the public about using 911 appropriately.

The National 911 Program also supports the efforts of the National 911 Education Coalition, which is comprised of members from public safety, education and the 911 industry. The Coalition, founded in 2010, supports the nationwide, coordinated promotion of National 911 Education Month and National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. The organization’s website provides free resources for 911 community use, including sample media materials, resources for children and suggested activities to further promote 911 education.

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