National 911 Program Initiatives

The National 911 Program's mission is to provide Federal leadership and coordination in promoting optimal 911 services. Since its inception in 2004, the Program has fulfilled its mission by working with the 911 community to develop a variety of resources to improve today's 911 system, and plan and implement Next Generation 911 (NG911).

New from the National 911 Program

Next Generation 911 in Action

The transition to NG911 has significant momentum across the nation. The National 911 Program provides a number of tools for states and regions at all stages of the transition process.

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State of 911 Forum Webinar Series

Creating a forum for sharing transition resources and NG911 "early adopter" case studies, this webinar series provides a unique combination of useful tools, information about Federal and State participation in the NG911 process and multiple question and answer sessions to provide detailed, useful information for the 911 community. View archived presentations or register for the next installment.

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Still photo from NG911 Video with a blue background and white NG911 and a number of 0s and 1s flowing across the bottom
Video on Benefits of Next Generation 911

NG911 is a complex issue, and its success requires the support and collaboration of the 911 community, legislators, state and local officials, and others. This short animated presentation was created to help those outside of the 911 community understand the benefits of Next Generation 911 for the public and first responders. View or download it now.

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NG911 for Leaders in Law Enforcement

According to the FCC, more than half of all PSAPs are managed by law enforcement agencies. This 16-page special report was designed to be shared with sheriffs, police chiefs and other law enforcement leaders to help them understand the benefits of NG911.

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Map of the United States with different colored states and territories

Nationwide 911 Statistics

Statistical data is essential to accurately measure and depict the current status and implementation of NG911 technology within 911 systems across the United States. Together with state 911 administrators and 911 associations, the National 911 Program shares valuable 911 statistics to create a more accurate picture of 911 services across the nation.

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911 Resource Center

The Resource Center features a variety of documents and tools created by the 911 community and vetted by a panel of 911 experts. Topics include emergency communication technologies, E911 location accuracy, Next Generation 911 (NG911), FirstNet and cybersecurity.

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911 Legislation Tracking Models

The National 911 Program aggregates and shares information about States' efforts to modify legislation relating to 911. Sharing this information allows others to learn from the successes of other States and Next Generation 911 early adopters. Learn more about useful legislative tools for state 911 administrators and legislators.

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Photo of the Know911 logo and verbiage noting April is National 911 Education   Month

911 Public Education

The introduction of new technologies, such as texting to 911, underscores the growing need for targeted and well-coordinated public-education efforts. Because 911 system capabilities vary across the nation, the National 911 Program supports efforts to educate the public about using 911 appropriately.

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Funding 911's Future

Funding 911 services continues to be a significant challenge for 911 boards, authorities and PSAPs nationwide. While no single resource can address the varied 911 funding needs in every community, the National 911 Program is committed to participating in the national conversation.

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911 Grant Funds

In September 2009, the 911 Grant Program made more than $40 million in grants available to 30 states and territories to help 911 call centers nationwide upgrade equipment and operations. Financial assistance may also be available through other federal probrams.

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911 Operations Support

Working with the 911 community, the National 911 Program has created a variety of tools to support the operation of 911 systems, from cataloging technical and operational standards to convening 911 associations to address minimum training for 911 telecommunicators.

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Standards for Enhanced and Next Generation 911

Since 2011, the National 911 Program has assisted the 911 community's important standards development effort by compiling and sharing all of the current technical and operational standards information in one complete annual report.

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National 911 Minimum Training for Telecommunicators

Working together, the 911 community is identifying core components for training telecommunicators. These collaborative baseline training requirements have the potential to ensure consistent, professional 911 responses nationwide.

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State 911 Assessment Program

Leveraging the expertise of 911 experts and State and local administrator peers, the State 911 Assessment Program provides State and local leadership additional tools to improve planning and operations of 911 systems.

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