911 Profile Database

The collection and use of data helps 911 systems plan for the future, benchmark against other states, measure progress on enhancing 911 and share important information with non-911 stakeholders such as legislators and elected officials. In an effort to gather 911 data, the National 911 Program works with the National Association of State 911 Administrators (NASNA) to identify standard data elements to be collected by each state, and houses the data in the 911 Profile Database. Established in 2011, the database is kept up to date with data voluntarily submitted by states each year.

If you are a designated state 911 contact submitting 2019 data for the collection effort from April 1 – June 1, please go to https://911data.redflashgroup.com. You will be directed to a secure site for data submission.

After the data is submitted, experts identify trends and summarize the findings, which are shared publicly in the annual National 911 Progress Report.

To provide the most complete picture possible of the status of 911, the Program also partners with the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) to develop an annual report of 911 state and sub-state data and a snapshot of NG911 progress throughout the country. Reports from the last few years are available on the 911 Stats and Data webpage.

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