Next Generation 911 Interstate Playbook

Public safety answering points (PSAPs) across the nation are transitioning infrastructure and call-taking systems to Next Generation 911 (NG911), which will allow new methods of connectivity and information sharing among multiple, separate jurisdictions and states.

Together, state 911 administrators and the National 911 Program identified a need for best practices for this effort so that PSAPs can deliver quality 911 services to their communities.

State 911 administrators in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota have convened to discuss how to best connect two or more state 911 systems in the next generation environment. The result of this collaboration is a series of chapters of a NG911 Interstate Playbook.

NG911 Interstate Playbook Chapter 1

NG911 Interstate Playbook Chapter 1, released in October 2016, provides guidance on the many issues PSAPs must consider for successful interconnectivity and serves as a document for modeling best practices.

Topics addressed in Chapter 1 include:

  • • Suggestions for creating sample test calls among interconnected states
  • • Language for drafting interstate cooperative agreements
  • • Considerations for effective governance and collaboration
  • • Challenges and recommended methods to overcome them

NG911 Interstate Playbook Chapter 2

Building on Chapter 1, the NG911 Interstate Playbook Chapter 2, released in June 2018, offers new information and elements for states to consider as they look to implement NG911.

Topics addressed in Chapter 2 include:

    • • What NG911 is and is not
    • • NG911 standards to consult when planning a transition
    • • Lessons learned regarding voice and text-to-911 call sharing with states using different providers
    • • GIS in the NG911 ecosystem
    • • Interim SMS text-to-911 test scenarios

As more states progress through the implementation of NG911, the Playbook offers a resource of lessons learned as well as templates and examples of useful documents. A third chapter is under development to continue to help states and regions throughout the country work together to advance emergency communications.

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