NG911 for Fire Guide

The National 911 Program worked with fire chiefs to create the NG911 Guide for Fire Service Leaders as a resource for state and local professionals. The publication offers detailed graphics, case studies and informative articles to illustrate the benefits to fire services operating in an NG911 ecosystem. The guide highlights critical areas that will improve with NG911, offers a helpful dos and don’ts guide and other resources to help fire leaders engage in the transition to NG911.

Digital Edition

Next Generation 911Do you know how NG911 will improve fire service operations? This illustrative guide offers a look at the current state of 911 and sheds light on the value NG911 will bring to the fire service community. The publication provides fire service leaders with helpful resources and critical considerations for navigating and implementing NG911.





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NG911 for Fire Guide ArticlesThe Guide includes two articles that describe NG911 and show the impact of advanced emergency communications on the fire service. A case study of Massachusetts’ NG911-based fire response system explores the advantages NG911 has brought to its communities.

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5 Ways NG911 Can Improve Your DepartmentA number of resources have been developed and made available to help fire service leaders learn about NG911 and share that knowledge with others. Materials available for download include articles, slide decks, infographics and videos.


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