State 911 Assessment Program

State 911 administrators are well aware of the improvements important to the state’s 911 system; however, making the case for these improvements to state and local government leaders can be a challenge without validation.

The goal of the National 911 Program-sponsored statewide 911 assessment program is to provide peer feedback on the operational capabilities of a statewide 911 system based on a set of objective benchmarks established by state administrators, for state administrators.

The peer-review assessment team approaches each assessment with the goal of providing information that will help a state:

  • Improve 911 services
  • Educate decision-makers
  • Provide information to serve as the basis for changes in such things as legislation, funding, staffing and training

The assessment process includes a set of uniform guidelines and an assessment handbook, which was developed with input from a broad spectrum of the 911 community. Assessments are voluntary, conducted at the request of the state, and cost estimates are available by contacting the National 911 Program.

More Information

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