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NG911 Roadmap: Connecting Systems Nationwide

Many states are implementing Next Generation 911 (NG911) and will be able to interconnect their systems, but to establish a nationwide 911 "system of systems" several technical and non-technical tasks must be completed. The NG911 Roadmap Report (released June 2019) outlines these tasks, and updates on the community’s efforts to tackle this issue are available in the 2020 and 2022 NG911 Roadmap Progress Reports. The latest report, released in February 2022, provides the most recent update on progress made by the 911 community to achieve this nationwide goal.

What's Happening Now

The NG911 Roadmap is divided into five goals made up of technical and non-technical activities that must be completed at the national level to achieve a fully-integrated NG911 “system of systems” that will best serve communities nationwide. As 911 stakeholder entities monitor progress toward these goals, the 911 community is being asked to share expertise and champion activities to address key elements of the Roadmap. The NG911 Roadmap Outreach Report (released September 2022) outlines 911 stakeholder roles and contributions pertaining to each task’s progress.

The expandable table below includes the tasks and progress for each of the five goals, as well as opportunities where contribution is still needed to help achieve NG911 implementation. If you or your organization have made progress in any of the tasks, please let the Program know by emailing

Last Updated: 04/10/2024