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New NG911 Self-Assessment Tool and Statewide NG911 Operations Center Case Study

Published Jan 14, 2020

A newly released tool helps 911 agencies evaluate the current level of NG911 readiness and clarify next steps toward implementation. The easy-to-use assessment resource guides users through a series of questions and categorizes the information into one of six identified NG911 maturity states.

Learn how the tool can work for you from a member of the SAFECOM-NCSWIC NG911 Working Group who has actually used it.

Then, learn how North Carolina is ensuring that its service runs at peak performance at all times. The new North Carolina Network Monitoring and Assistant Center (NMAC) immediately troubleshoots network issues and quickly reroutes calls to other PSAPs. Learn about:

  • The concept behind the statewide network operations center

  • The process to build out the center and train staff

  • Challenges that were overcome in the transition from legacy 911 to NG911

Speakers Include:

  • Tyrell Morris, Executive Director, New Orleans Parish Communication District and member of the SAFECOM/NCSWIC NG911 Working Group

  • Gerald Jaskulski, Management and Program Analyst, US Department of Homeland Security and member of the SAFECOM/NCSWIC NG911 Working Group

  • Pokey Harris, Executive Director, North Carolina 911 Board

  • Gerry Means, North Carolina NG911 Network Manager