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Next Steps in Reclassifying Public Safety Telecommunicators

Published Mar 10, 2020

Roles and responsibilities for public safety telecommunicators have evolved drastically over the years. As emergency communications centers transition from a legacy environment to Next Generation 911, those roles will continue to change. In the most recent Standard Occupational Classification (SOC), the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) made the decision to not reclassify Public Safety Telecommunicators’ role as Protective Service Occupations (as opposed to administrative/clerical occupations).

To enable the 911 community to work within the requirements of this system to reclassify telecommunicators, it is important to understand the BLS SOC process and the objective data utilized. This session:

  • Provides background on the BLS SOC

  • Shares a template job description that could be used by local/state 911 agencies to provide the date necessary for BLS SOC reclassification

  • Shares a call for action

Speakers Include:

  • Dan Henry, Regulatory Counsel and Director of Government Affairs, National Emergency Number Association

  • Katherine Elkins, EMS/911 Specialist, National 911 Program

  • Michael Nix, Executive Director, Georgia Emergency Communications Authority