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CAD Interoperability - Plans for Connectivity and Data Sharing & Changing the Way We Hire

Published Sep 12, 2023

CAD Interoperability– Plans for Connectivity and Data Sharing 

In early 2022, NHTSA convened a group of PSAP practitioners and CAD vendors to explore the challenges to seamless CAD interoperability and data sharing across disparate systems. This session will share the findings, including the consequences of the inability to share data across jurisdictions, the benefits of interoperability, and the need for common definitions and terminology.

Changing the Way We Hire 

Learn how the Washington DC Office of Unified Communications is using new tactics to hire talented and dedicated individuals as 911 call takers. This session will highlight Prospect Day, which brings upwards of 200 applicants each month into the office to complete the CritiCall test and participate in on-the-spot interviews in order to shorten the hiring process by up to 50%. Additionally, participants will learn about the Junior Academy which is a 5-week program for high school students who are interested in a career in public safety telecommunications.  

Speakers Include:

  • Kate Elkins, EMS/911 Specialist, NHTSA’s Office of EMS & National 911 Program

  • Michael Brewer, Deputy Director, Jefferson County CO Communications Center Authority “Jeffcom 911”

  • Jackie Mines, Senior Communications Consultant, Mission Critical Partners

  • Heather McGaffin, Director, Washington DC Office of Unified Communications

  • Anna Noakes, Public Information Officer, Washington DC Office of Unified Communications