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Data Gathering Tips & Efforts at Regionalization with Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

Published Jul 18, 2023

Presentation 1 – Jeff Boyle, Executive Deputy Director

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) will provide details on their online data gathering portal:

  • Planning, coordination, simplified administrative processes, and strong oversight are key tenets of Pennsylvania’s 911 Program. PEMA’s online PSAP data gathering portal allows the agency to work with their PSAP partners to capture:

  • Complete cost information in a consistent format

  • PSAP inventory data

  • Future PSAP plans and budgets

  • Training, certification, and QA/QI program curriculum and directives

  • And much more…

The portal has automated many of the processes within Pennsylvania’s 911 Program which has reduced the administrative burden on PSAPs while generating useful information for statewide planning, coordination, oversight, and identification of funding priorities.

Presentation 2 – Jeff Boyle, Executive Deputy Director and PSAP Representatives

Pennsylvania PSAPs have progressed from a county focus (pre-2016) to the regional focus in place today. PEMA and PSAP partners will discuss regionalization efforts across Pennsylvania, including historical efforts to share phone, CAD, and radio systems. They will also discuss plans for added regionalization benefits, where identified as beneficial.

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