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Workforce Evolution & Statewide 911 Recruitment Campaigns

Published Jan 9, 2024

This webinar series is designed to provide useful information for the 911 stakeholder community about Federal and State participation in the planning, design, and advancement of 911. It includes real experiences from leaders utilizing these processes throughout the country.

Workforce Evolution

Nationwide, 911 Answering Points are struggling to hire and retain staff. Tina Buneta, Director of Aurora 911, will share her insights on the cultural evolution through challenging traditionalism and status quo, how the workforce has evolved in this post-pandemic world, the related impact to PSAPs and how she is working toward change in her own center. 


  • Tina Buneta, Director, Aurora 911, Aurora, Colorado

Statewide 911 Recruitment Campaigns

The states of Minnesota and North Carolina 911 have each crafted a Statewide Recruitment Campaign to combat the current staffing shortages impacting PSAPs.  The goal of each campaign was to recruit candidates for 911 Telecommunicator job openings, increase the applicant pool across each state, and draw awareness to these positions and their contribution to the community.  During this webinar, both states will share information on how to start an effective recruitment campaign and how their respective campaigns connected with job seekers to support local PSAPs.

Speakers Include:  

  • Dana Wahlberg, Director, Emergency Communication Networks, Minnesota Department of Public Safety

  • Veronica Marshall, Public Information Officer, Minnesota Department of Public Safety

  • Pokey Harris, Executive Director, North Carolina 911 Board

  • Angie Turbeville, Eastern – 911 Regional Coordinator, North Carolina 911 Board